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Comprehensive Battery Technology
Employing the latest li-polymer and the LiFePo4 battery technologies, SPK Battery delivers cutting-edge power supply solutions and products. SPK Battery adopts the optimum electric core to produce the highest quality batteries, and has designed a series of integrated solutions, including intelligent combining, to meet various power supply specifications.

Power Supply Assembly Design and Professional Part Development
From concept to marketing, our Design Center manages product development projects and employs competitive design and component development methodologies for battery
assembly. We utilize 3D model technologies to enhance product design and save customers time and money.

Design and Development of Electronic Circuits
SPK Battery can deliver electronic circuit designs from assembled products to intelligent batteries that own complete information output. Integrated circuits featuring our intelligent batteries provide effective and continuous control to enhance performance and product quality. We also design standards and customized solutions to meet customers¡¯ needs.
Battery Assembly Capability
With many years of experience in battery assembly, SPK Battery can respond to rapidly changing assembly design demands, and meet high production targets within a short timeframe. We implement the ISO quality management system to offer the best service to our global customers.

Advanced Testing for Electronic Cores, Battery Sets and Powered Devices
Underpinned by cutting-edge test equipment for electronic cores, battery sets, and powered devices, SPK Battery can deliver reliable power supply solutions, and ensure that products meet the specified requirements.

Product Application in Engineering and Global Technical Support
SPK Battery boasts systems for applying products, testing chargers, and evaluating system integration. We have retained a friendly partnership with globally leading vendors of chargers and control circuits and shared test data. We also provide quality certification tests for battery sets.