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Test item Equipment Photo Inspect what Inspect item Sampling frequency
Moisture Content Test Water Content Karl Fischer   NMP , Electrolyte Inspect water content of electrolyte and NMP Every lot
PH Value Test PH Indicator   SBR Inspect PH value of SBR Every lot
Magnetic stirrers Magnetic Stirring Apparatus   PVDF, NMP Inspect solubility of NMP in PVDF solution Every lot
PMC test Protection Board Tester   PMC Inspect properties of PMC Every lot
Impedance test DC Resistance Meters   Combination Blocking Inspect resistance of blocking Every lot
Pressure-resistant test Combination Blocking Pressure Map   Combination Blocking Inspect breakpoint and opening pressure of blocking Every lot
Tap density test Tap density tester   LiCoO2 , LiMn2O4 , Graphite , LiFePO4  Inspect tap density of powder Every lot
Analytical balance Analytical balance   Weighing Weighing material with high precision Every lot
Hardness test Digital display vickers hardness tester   Aluminium tape , nickel strips , the tabs with nickel and aluminium Inspect hardness of the tabs with nickel and aluminium 1Lot/Every 3lot