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Ni-MH High Temperature 18700 4000mAh Battery 

Cylindrical cell and its stack-up battery。

Cell Size:18700crew cut(18.0±0.1×70.0±0.5)(mm)

All data involves voltage and weight to stack-up battery are equal to the value of unit cell
 time  the number of   unit cell which consisted in the stack-up batteries
Example :Stack-up batteries consisting three unit cells
Nominal voltage of unit cell=1.2V
Nominal voltage of stack-up batteries =1.2V×3=3.6V

Description Unit Specification Conditions
Nominal Voltage V/cell 1.2    
Nominal Capacity mAh 4000   Standard Charge/Discharge
Standard Charge mA 400 (0.1C) T1=20±5℃
hour 14~16
Trickle Charge mA (0.03C)~(0.05C)   T1=20±5℃
Standard discharge mA 800 (0.2C) T1= 20±5℃ Humidity:Max85%
Discharge Cut-off Voltage V/cell 1.0  
Storage Temperature -20~40 Discharged state、Humidity、Max85%
Typical Weight  Gram 66.3   unit cell

       Unless otherwise stated, tests should be done within one month of delivery under the 
      following  conditions:
Ambient Temperature  :20±5℃
Relative Humidity    : 65±20%
       Notes:  Standard Charge/Discharge Conditions:
Charge: 400 mA(0.1C)× 14 hours
Discharge: 800 mA(0.2C) to 1.0V/cell
Test   Specification Conditions Remarks
Capacity   4000 Standard Charge Discharge up to 3 cycles are allowed
Open Circuit Voltage(OCV)   1.25 Within l hour after standard Charge  
Internal Impedance   18 Upon fully charge(lKHz)  
High Rate Discharge(1C)   45 Standard Charge, l hour rest Before discharge by 1C to 1.0V/cell up to 3 cycles are allowed
Charge Retention   ≥2600 (65%) Standard Charge,Storage:28 days,Standard Discharge  
IEC Permanent Charge test     IEC61951-2(2003)  
Leakage   No leakage nor deformation Fully charged at : 400 mA for  
14 hrs Stand for 14 days
Vibration Resistance   Change of voltage should be under 0.02V/cell,Change of impedance should be under 5 milli-ohm/cell Charge the battery 0.1C 14hrs,then leave for 24hrs,check Battery before/after vibration,Amplitude 1.5mmVibration 3000 CPMAny direction for 60mins.  
Impact   Resistance   Change of voltage sho-uld be under 0.02V/cell Change of impedance  should be under 5 milli-ohm/cell Charge the battery 0.1C 14hrsThen leave for 24hrs,check bat-before/ after dropped,Height 50 cm Wooden board(thickness 30mm) Direction not specified,3 times.  
Trickle charge life   ≥4 0.05C(0~70℃)  
Please refer to the attached drawing.
The cell/battery shall be free from cracks, scars, breakage, rust, discoloration, leakage nor deformation.
One year limited warranty against workmanship and material defects.
⑴Reverse charging is not acceptable.
⑵Charge before use. The cells/batteries are delivered in an uncharged state.
⑶Do not charge/discharge with more than our specified current.
⑷Do not short circuit the cell/battery Permanent damage to the cell/battery may result.
⑸Do not incinerate or mutilate the cell/battery.
⑹Do not solder directly to the cell/battery.
⑺the life expectancy may be reduced if the cell/battery is subjected adverse conditions like:   
extreme temperature, deep cycling, excessive overcharge/ over-discharge.
⑻store the cell/battery uncharged in a cool dry place. Always discharge batteries before bulk 
storage or shipment.
Nominal  Capacity额定容量 4000  mAh
Nominal  Voltage额定电压 1.2  V
                            Charge  current            充电电流 Trickle 200 mA
Standard标准 400  mA
                             Charge  time                充电时间 Trickle 48  Hrs~
Standard标准 14~16  Hrs
        Ambient Temperature使用温度         Charge     充电 Trickle 0℃~70℃
Standard标准 0℃~70℃
Discharge放电 -20℃~70℃
Storage储存 -20℃~40℃
Internal Impedance(mΩ)         (After Charge)充电后内阻 18
Weight重量 66.3 g
Dimensions(without Tube)    (mm)
D 18.0±0.1
d 7.00±0.08
H 70.0±0.5
h 69.5±0.5